Bryan Tran

Portrait Photographer

Jamming with the Dead Oaks

I recently had the opportunity to take band pictures for some local talent: the Dead Oaks. This was most definitely outside of my usual clientele so, I was very excited to see what would develop from the shoot, and what I could learn from the experience. Although there are a lot of resources for taking band photos at a live venue, there didn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules for a jam session. So I took the time to listen to their music and had a quick chat with the band on what they expected and what they found to be really cool. When I consult a client, I usually get them to send sample images of the kinds of photos what they expected from the shoot. What unfolded was a sort of symbiotic practice session where we both jammed out and honed our respective trades. I ended up choosing a modified rim lighting setup with two gridded soft boxes to either side f the subject. Since the band was playing in a circle, I moved the lights around to get each Band member. space was rather limited so I couldn’t really replicate the same effect for the drummer but, for my first time dealing with bands, I think we were both happy with the results. Very cool experience, and I’d love to work with them in the future for their album art. We’re already planning a creative shoot sometime in the summer (look forward to it!) If you want to listen to their music, its can be found here [link]